Thursday, 19 June 2008

Dumbed Down Life 026

This week we talk about dead Mayors, buzz words, immigration and London Art.

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  1. Intro / Outro Music Snubnosed Aardvark - Derek K Miller
  2. Song 1 Pheugoo - All I Need Is Summertime
  3. Lance Topic Buzz words & romainian village elects a dead Mayor
  4. Promo This week In London
  5. Doug Topic U.S. Immigration
  6. Song 2 Clark Datchler - Shattered Dreams
  7. Daz Topic Volume - Art instillation on the south bank
    The Invisible Man
    Click the images to enlarge.
    Show at full size to make the
    picture of the invisible man
    more clear.
  8. Song 3 Petra Haden - Don't Stop Believin'

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