Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Dumbed Down Life Radio

Recently we have had a few issues with the streaming service that we were using which has caused us to be unable to do a live broadcast for a while. Now when we did the first Dumbed Down Live it was only intended as a bit of fun and not something we really planned on doing that regularly. It turned out that we liked the experience and we did get some positive feedback from it so we carried on with it.

The trouble we had was that as this was a free public service we had to rely on being able to book the 1 hour slot that we wanted. Also there began to be some login issues with the service.

So we have altered things a little and we now have a service that is 100% our own, which means that we can stream live broadcasts or anything we like at any time of the day.

With that in mind I'm pleased to inform you that DDL Radio has gone live :)

You can now listen to a 24 hour streaming archive of all of our previous shows direct from this site. just head over to the chat page and click on the link to listen in.

This will also be used for live broadcasts when we record a new episode.


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