Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Performer Feedback

It's not often we get a response from the artists we play on the show so it is always pleasant when someone takes the time to do so.

We use music from the Podsafe Music Network which, in simple terms, allows us to play music without having to pay royalties etc.

The only proviso is that we inform the artist that we have played their track

We have just received this....

"Hi there Daz & Lance,
Sorry if I've missed another name I couldn't find it.
I just wanted to say cheers for playing one of my songs on your show.

It shows you've got taste! Like your style, keep it up. I'm in Thailand, but I'm from the UK myself. I'm an Essex boy at heart!

Thanks again
Be well
Rob Cooke (Boy @ Heart)"

We played Rob's track "Alive" on DDL 033

Thaks Rob

1 comment:

Boy at Heart said...

Hey Lance,

Thanks for posting this. I think it's important to thank people when they play my stuff because that's the way my music gets out there.

With people like yourselves doing what you do it's like having an extra bit of help, so I'm always up for reciprocating the favour. (wow that's a big word for me!)

I'm working on a couple of cuts for you to play on your show as fillers/links etc. finally, so I'll get them over to you ASAP.

I just put my official Boy at Heart site live too. It's a ghost town right now, but that's where the action will be before too long.

Keep up the good work with your show gents.