Monday, 28 April 2008

Dumbed Down Life 005

Lance runs this episode with guest host Ben.

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Dumbed Down Life 005

1. Intro / Outro Music
Snubnosed Aardvark - Derek K Miller

2. Topic 1
Comedian is living in an Ikea store
When Mark Malkoff thought about where he could stay while his New York City apartment was being fumigated for cockroaches, he quickly ruled out friends' places (too small) and hotels (too expensive).
3. Song
Dynamite Lady - The Golden Gods
It would seem that The Golden Gods are now more :(

4. Topic 2-
Brandname FanBoys. Why FanBoys are stalling progress

5. Song
Last of the superheros - American Heartbreak

6. The iPod that never was
A father from the Washington D.C. area gave his daughter what he thought was an iPod this Christmas. But come Christmas day, when the girl opened up the box, instead of finding an iPod she found a wacky note.

Thanks to Ben for stepping into the breech to help us out for this show.

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