Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Dumbed Down LIVE 001

Our first LIVE recording. We had an hour slot but recorded a regular half hour show. We were very conscious of the fact that we did not want those of you listening to the podcast after the recording to miss out because you weren't reading what's in the chat room.

We need to practice live recording a little more and make some tweaks to the recording system.

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  1. Intro / Outro Music
    Snubnosed Aardvark - Derek K Miller

  2. Song
    JTX - Party Like a Rock Star

  3. Darren's topic
    Web 2.0

  4. Song 2
    Blake Morgan - Maybe I'm Amazed

  5. Promo

  6. Lance's Topic
    BBC iPlayer

  7. Song
    Alice Cooper - No more Mr. Nice Guy (live)

  8. Round up

  9. Outro
    Derek K Miller Snubnosed Aardvark

  10. Contact
    E-mail -
    Twitter Username: DumbedDownLife

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