Monday, 22 March 2010

Tell Us A Joke

The Dumbed Down Life podcast is recored by Doug, Darren and Lance. Over the years we've had guest presenters too and some contributions from friends and family.

Bobbi, Doug's wife was a special guest in show 66.

Ben recorded a show with Lance last year.

"I hear pod people" which is used at the start of some of our shows is a recording of Darren's daughter.

Ken from Derby has contributed a few times.

What we're looking for now is some recordings of you telling a joke, just something short and corny to fill a gap between two songs. MP3 or WAV file formats are fine.

Email your joke to and we'll email you back to let you know which of our shows your joke is in.

Also, if you have a podcast, blog or web site that you would like to promote we'd love to hear from you. Record something simple like "Hi this is Fred from and you're listening to the dumbed down life" or if you have a full promo track for your podcast we'd love to hear it!

Friday, 19 March 2010

Dumbed Down Life 066

We have a special guest this week and talk about porn shown on childrens TV, police officer attacked by a dick and Darren's five minutes of fame as and extra on The IT Crowd.
Parental advisory, recording contains unnecessary swearing.

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Song 1: Victims of Science - The Device Has Been Modified

Porn On Kids TV
Doug and Bobbi's local TV channel has a slight programming error.

Song 2: The Ropes - Kill Her Off

Police Officer Attacked By Dick
Could this really be considered assault with a deadly weapon?

Song 3: Jennings - Umbrella

Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again?
Darren tells us about his day in the life as a extra on the set of The ITCrowd.

Dumbed Down Little Big Life

My brother has made the iconic DDL logo in the Sony Playstation 3 game "Little Big Planet". Here's a video of what he's started. Aparently you can change all sort of aspects of the object which will allow him to create a mini level. This is a sort of "behind the scenes" video but I was so impressed that I have to share! He even made the little I.T sack boy.

Thanks Bro' this is really cool.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

DDL65 On WebCam

Here's the first section from DDL65 on web cam. Frame rate is not great but gives you an idea of what we look like.
Warning, sweary language from the very start.

Dumbed Down Life 065

The frustrations with e-bay and have you named your car?
Sound quality for Darren is not the greatest this week which is probably a good thing since he seems to have a bit of an attack of tourettes syndrome.
Parental advisory, recording contains unnecessary swearing.

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Song 1: Wiser Time - Free

Ebay Frustration
Lance and Darren talk about E-bay.

Song 2: electric Touch - Call my name

Car Names
Have you named your car?

Song 3: Pato Banton - Heal This World