Friday, 25 July 2008

Dumbed Down Life 031

Live again, a short show after a couple that almost ran to an hour. Now we have our own server to stream with the conversations carried on into the night, long after the recordings stopped. This of course was when some of our funniest material came out. Lance claims to have recorded some of the after show frolics, keep watching to see if we put up any additional material.

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1. Intro / Outro Music
Snubnosed Aardvark - Derek K Miller

2. Song 1
The renegades - Out of control

3. Darren topic
The Muppets on Youtube

4. Song 2
Wensday - Only women Bleed

5. Doug Topic
Dark side of the rainbow

Song 3
Goodnight Sunrise - Routine and Dollar Signs

Lance Topic
SatNav Blunder

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Dumbed Down Life Radio

Recently we have had a few issues with the streaming service that we were using which has caused us to be unable to do a live broadcast for a while. Now when we did the first Dumbed Down Live it was only intended as a bit of fun and not something we really planned on doing that regularly. It turned out that we liked the experience and we did get some positive feedback from it so we carried on with it.

The trouble we had was that as this was a free public service we had to rely on being able to book the 1 hour slot that we wanted. Also there began to be some login issues with the service.

So we have altered things a little and we now have a service that is 100% our own, which means that we can stream live broadcasts or anything we like at any time of the day.

With that in mind I'm pleased to inform you that DDL Radio has gone live :)

You can now listen to a 24 hour streaming archive of all of our previous shows direct from this site. just head over to the chat page and click on the link to listen in.

This will also be used for live broadcasts when we record a new episode.


Saturday, 19 July 2008

Dumbed Down Life 030

A day late this week, like you expect us to keep to a schedule!

Some of the more sensitive subjects appear to be more popular with our audience so this week we cover golf and the new Batman film. Eh? Who writes this stuff?

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1. Intro / Outro Music
Snubnosed Aardvark - Derek K Miller

2. Song 1
Buckcherry - Sorry
(Buckcherry are currently touring the US with Motley Crew)

3. Darren topic

4. Song 2
Hello Dave - Summertime
For Dave of the Bugcast

5. Feedback
Mark The Random Three Podcast
-Feedback from a band we've played

6. Lance Topic

Should Heath Ledger get an Oscar or is it just PR for the new film

7. Song 3
Jennings and Keller - Time Changes

Friday, 11 July 2008

Dumbed Down Life 029

We intended to do a live show, haven't done one in a few weeks, but had trouble with the hosting site. Thank you to those that showed up for the recording, sorry we couldn't do the show live.

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  1. Intro / Outro Music Snubnosed Aardvark - Derek K Miller
  2. Song 1Dirty Proper - 1976
  3. Lance Topic - Confindence
  4. Song 2 Higgins - Yes I know
  5. Daz Topic - New TV Channels
  6. Song 3 Paul French - Twist!......Whatever Next?
  7. Formula 1 - Donnington replaces Silverstone for the British GP
  8. Darren Topic - Window Watching

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Site Update

A rare post from me...

I've finally managed to catch up with the "Bands Played" section of the site. You can now view a list of every song we have played on the show complete with links to that show and the Artist's website.

My text few tasks are to add those bands to the random box on the left hand side of the page layout and complete the work required on some video interviews we have done.....

(it's not just 45 minutes a week you know, lol)

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Dumbed Down T-Shirt

We created some sample t-shirts using special transfers that you run through your own printer then iron on to a t-shirt.

After wearing my t-shirt a few times, the gleaming white soon picked up blobs of chocolate and jam and needed washing.

I followed the instructions, turning the t-shirt inside out, washing it at a low temperature and not drying it in the tumble drier. The logos on the chest and arm appear to be OK but the web site address printed across the back is already showing signs of stress. I don't think that this will stand being washed too many times.

Dumbed Down Life 028

This week we talk, and talk, and talk complete bollocks (quite literally), privacy, U.S. independence amongst other things.

  1. Intro / Outro MusicSnubnosed Aardvark - Derek K Miller
  2. Song 1 Parachute Musical - One more Song
  3. Doug Topic - Privacy
    (Edit: Flickr of course is owned by Yahoo not Google, though with all the merger talk going on who knows what will be owned by what at the time you're reading this?)

  4. Darren Topic - Do they have 4th July in the UK?
  5. Song 2 Robin Tymm - Big Sky
  6. Daz Topic - Hoffspace
  7. Daz Topic - Nail Biting Cliff Hangers
  8. Song 3 The Volume Brothers - Having a Hard Time Having a Good Time
  9. Doug Topic - talking bollocks!