Sunday, 20 August 2017

No More Dumbing Down

First and foremost, don't panic! Your annual bursts of podcasts from Doug, Darren and Lance are not going away.

We've never claimed to be a political podcast and tend to try to avoid any controversial topics in preference to light hearted, popular culture topics such as technology, film, TV and games. In recent years there's been a stigma attached to the concept of "Dumbing Down" which we feel gives the title an image we don't want to be associated with.

We went through a lot of work to design a logo that we were happy with. Fortunately the acronym "D.D.L" which we chose for the logo is something which not only stood for dumbed down life but also is the initials of the original hosts Doug, Darren and Lance.

There's still references to "Dumbed Down Life" all over the place, in past posts, file names, URL and on iTunes. These will take time to replace.

From now the site can be reached at and

When we started the podcast social media was in it's infancy with blogs, micro-blogs and news services being the main way of staying in touch. Facebook and Twitter did not exist! Yes we've been going that long!

Changing domain name should not mean much of an impact on listening to our show and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sticking with us through these changes...

both of you!