Thursday, 29 April 2010

Dumbed Down Life 070

Poison, floppies, art and Sci-Fi, what else would you expect? A dash of music of course!

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Song1 Poison - Talk Dirty To Me


Song 2
Alexx Calise - Break Me

from her new album, "In Avanti"

End of the floppy

Kevin Merritt - Wonder Why


Song 4
Little Invisibles - Wonder Why

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Dumbed Down Life 069

Bond postponed, Scouting gaining popularity and have you lost your phone?

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Paralysis - Regulate

Topic 1
Bond Bombshell

Song 2
Matthew Ebel - Lost My Way

Topic 2
Scouting on the resurgence

Topic 3
English are the least patriotic in Europe

Song 3
Alexx Calise - Out Of Sight

Topic 4
Apple worker loses iPhone v4

Song 4
Kevin Merrit - Time Comes

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Dumbed Down Life 068

Volcanic ash, Twitter, Dr Who and iPod Touch apps all packed in to this show with lots of podsafe music!

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Song 1: Electric Touch - Sound of the Underground

Twitter To Begin Advertising
Will advertising spoil Twitter and what's the general feeling of advertising on the Internet?

Song 2: Little Invisibles - Closer

Eyjafjallajoekull glacier volcano grounds all UK flights.
All over the news today but Darren mainly wanted the chance to try and pronounce the name of the glacier.

Transitions between Doctors to be "LSD like" (man, wooh)
Quick chat about the new Doctor Who.
Video link:

Song 3: Alex Calise - Good Enough

4 Square day April 16th 4sqr being 16

Song 4: Secret Pop Band - Saccharine Smile

iPod Touch Apps'

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Dumbed Down Life 067

Lance and Darren talk weed and Facebook with the usual spattering of music.

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Song 1: The Polymorphines - Constant Reminder

Growing Weed
An American writer arrested after authorities said they found a large marijuana growing operation in his barn. LINK

Song 2: The Volume Brothers - Sonny You're The Reason That Your Mum And I Are Getting Divorced

The Expensive Facebook Habbit
Just how much do you want that extra barn in Farmville?

Song 3: Wiser Time - Free