Monday, 6 February 2012


Stuff does not stay on the Internet forever, especially podcasts. The company which hosts all the DDL archives would seem to be discontinuing their free service. I say "would seem to be" as there's been no official word. This has highlighted the fact that the show is quite tied in to the provider. So as not to be guilty of the same lack of communication that we've got from our service provider we're letting you know what's going down and will update you as we go.

The archive shows will continue to play through the web site, at least shows 110 through to 119 as these have now been moved to a new service provider. Lance and I have the shows back to 1 and we'll decide on whether to go all the way back. There's a chance that the older shows will stop working if the old provider does take them down. As we know more, we'll let you know, because it's so easy to let your followers know what's going on.

If you're subscribed to Dumbed Down Life through iTunes there will be a change to make, exact details of that to follow.

You've not missed any new content yet because, well we've been a little slack since our failure at last November's attempt to release a show every day.

Thank you for support and patience with us.

Hoping to bring you new podcasts soon,